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It's a bird . . . It's a plane . . . It's everything ever after! In this new book from Muse Harbor Publishing, family humor columnist Michael Picarella shares 70 collected stories and a fistful of family bits and briefs from his two Southern California newspaper columns, "Family Men Don't Wear Name Brands" in The Acorn Newspapers and "Picarella Family Report" in The Signal. He's Dirty Harry when it comes to killing flies, he makes the perfect subject for 3-hour pretend haircuts, and even after such suburban heroics and very long, exhausting days of work, he still manages to regularly take his wife to dinner and keep his head from falling in his food. Readers and critics alike have called Picarella’s stories “addicting,” “laugh-out-loud funny” and “heartwarming.” With all new original illustrations by F.M. Hansen, “Everything Ever After (Confessions of a Family Man)” in print or for your e-reader is a must-have.
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Michael Picarella has been writing his family humor column, “Family Men Don’t Wear Name Brands,” for The Acorn Newspapers since 2006. He was a newspaper reporter and features writer for over six years, he worked as a marketing writer and director at Nappic Communications for several more years, creating, among many other successful marketing campaigns, a series of viral ads that was inducted into MarketingSherpa’s Viral Hall of Fame, and he’s the writer-director behind the two highly unknown independent movies, “1 2 3” and “Punchcard Player.” Picarella paid a lot of money for his BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and he relocated to Los Angeles to make movies. Today, he still lives in Los Angeles with his wife, son, pet beagle and no more movies to his name (but still working on it). To read his column or see a list of other Picarella links, please visit www.MichaelPicarellaColumn.com.
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“Picarella’s wry observations on fatherhood and American life are spot-on. Consider his light and heartfelt essays to be a user’s manual for dads.”
—CHRIS ERSKINE, Los Angeles Times

“While today’s digitized and distracted families are generally depicted as wise-cracking and argumentative, Michael Picarella’s column steadily reinforces the notion that families remain nurturing, character-building institutions built on love and caring, with a little zaniness around every corner.”
—JIM SCHOCK, author of “The Bridge: A Celebration,” former ABC-TV Bureau Chief, West Coast

“Michael Picarella writes with wit and perception about family matters and social concerns. He presents ordinary situations, such as a trip to the dentist’s office, in ways that make us laugh and shake our heads at the truth of his observations.”
—ROBERT G. MCBREARTY, Pushcart Prize-winning author

“I really enjoy Michael’s writing! His witty stories of his family life are not only charming, but very relatable.”
—LACEY CHABERT, actress, “Mean Girls,” “Party of Five,” “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” “The Wild Thornberrys”

“Picarella’s on-going journal of being a father, told through the poignant discovery of the wonder of life, drew me right in, as I am sure it will many others.”
—STEWART LINDH, author of “Shipwrecks and Other Drownings,” writer of HBO’s “Blind Side”
“Michael Picarella’s amusing musings on his life as husband and dad will leave you laughing and forgetting about your own challenges as a married parent . . . until you realize he’s describing your life. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Michael, whose wife must be extremely loving and tolerant, brings a refreshing perspective and a much-needed break to this reader’s day.”
—WAYNE M. LEVINE, M.A., author of “Hold On to Your N.U.T.s—The Relationship Manual for Men,” director of BetterMen.org

“Michael Picarella is a welcome throwback, a voice out of time that reminds people who have already been there what it was like to see the world anew each day as a young and hopeful parent. For those who are currently parents of young children, his words are those of a friend walking beside you, who understands what it is you’re going through. And if you don’t watch out, he might also make you laugh.”
—SKIP PRESS, author of “Patti Page: The Singing Rage,” “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Screenwriting”

“Michael Picarella’s column is the main reason I read the paper. His work is funny, insightful and from the heart. As a mom and wife, I relate to his stories, and love how he includes his family life in his work. As an actress, I wish he’d write a new screenplay. And put me in it.”
—DIANE FRANKLIN, actress, “Better Off Dead,” “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

“I read (Picarella’s) column. I was glad the paper finally had both a little life in it and an actual human, with feelings and observations.”
—JOHN BOSTON, award-winning humorist/columnist

“My daddy's stories are the best I've ever been in.” 
—Michael Picarella's 10-year-old son
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